About the Cultural Council

The Winchester Cultural Council is a group of volunteers, appointed by the town's Select Board, who work to serve the artistic and cultural life of the town. The State of Massachusetts, through the Massachusetts Cultural Council, gives Winchester a grant of money each year to support the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences. The WCC then awards this money to local individuals and groups who have submitted grant applications.

Members of the Cultural Council are:

  • Peter Pulsifer (Chair), Mystic Valley Parkway
  • Armen Bagdassarian, Wainwright Road
  • Diane Davies, Forest Street
  • Peter Engeldrum, Vinson Circle
  • Jian Liu, Highland Avenue
  • Shukong Ou, Summit Avenue
  • Carole Tedesco, Church Street
  • Anne Westlund, Crescent Road
  • Mingdi Zhang, Orient Street

Contact us via email at info@winchesterculturalcouncil.org

Cultural Council membership is open to all interested Winchester residents (though the total number of members in limited). To apply, send a letter to the town's Select Board (at Town Hall, 71 Mt. Vernon St.) expressing your interest.

More cultural resources can be found at our Resources Page.

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